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Montreal, LA Koreatown: Same Difference?

Last weekend we had breakfast at a terrific French bakery cafe in LA.  It was so good, in fact, and so authentic (including servers yelling orders to each other in French) that Will almost grudgingly conceded that the food at Pitchoun Bakery was as good as anything he's had in Montreal or Paris (!).

As you can see above, the Quiche Lorraine was tall, fluffy, cheesy, bacon-y (or "lardon-y"), and with a very buttery crust.  The Kouign-amann was light and nicely layered.  The almond croissant was clearly made from first-rate croissant, as it was meant to be.  The latte was creamy--and beautiful.  Unfortunately, Pitchoun Bakery is NOT in our temporary new home in the LA Koreatown neighborhood, but we did wonder if the world has become such a global place that there isn't really a huge difference after all between areas as disparate as LA Koreatown and Montreal, or perhaps even Paris?

In our earlier posts on our two Montreal neighborhoods, we talked about the Little Ital…