About Us

Hello Everyone!

This "About Us" page was actually created more than a year after we started this blog, once we noticed that people other than our family and friends occasionally stumbled onto the site.

In case you don't know us already, let us introduce ourselves.  We are Will and Julie.  Will is a software engineer, and Julie is a literature professor.  He's the active one, and she does most of the writing.

When Will announced that he would try to bike coast-to-coast as the inaugural trip for his "gap year" from work in 2017, his friends and colleagues asked if we had a blog for the ride so that they could track his progress.

So, we launched this site!

Then, once his bike ride was over, we decided to continue posting here--more or less often, depending on how active or busy our lives are at any given point.  Sometimes we will be enjoying la dolce far niente (the Italian "sweetness of doing nothing").  Other times, we might be overloaded with work of various kinds.  There are days when we might have several activities going on at once.  But, just as likely, we might have weeks during which the most exciting event is cooking dinner together.  (We promise not to write about that last category too much...)

Even when we are not on a "gap year" or a work-funded sabbatical, we would like to explore what it would mean to approach life with a sabbatical mind-set, thus the name of our blog: Our Sabbatical Life.

Hopefully, we can continue to remember our favorite trips and activities here: hiking, biking, traveling, eating, visiting friends and family around the world, enjoying hanging out with our rescue mix Katie.  We adopted her from a pet shelter after she was captured as a pregnant stray.  Now, we understand all those "Who Saved Who?" bumper stickers.

We'll see how long we can keep up this blog.  In the meantime, Welcome!

Will and Julie

(P.S. We took the background photo for this blog just east of Galicia, towards the last stages of the Camino walk, and the picture of us is from Finisterre, Spain, after we finished walking the Camino de Santiago in 2013.  That and Cornwall's "Land's End" together make two end-of-land sites we've visited thus far.  Let's see how many more we can visit!)


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